I started studying photography as a minor subject at The University of Leeds in the late 90's and I have been on a journey to capture as many of those wow moments as I possibly can since then.

Photography is a powerful tool and with the rise of digital communication and social media, it's a tool that is becoming ever more powerful. An image can say in a second what it could take an entire essay to write. We can also view images anywhere we please. However even as good quality as digitally produced images are, there is no comparison with being able to sit back in your own home or office and be able to spend as long as you want gazing at a physical, framed and mounted image without the battery going flat!
An image can evoke a memory, change your mood, make you laugh or even cry. They may inform you of an event or bring your awareness to a particular issue.

My mission is to bring the power of the image to as many people as I possibly can and I can do this by sharing my carefully selected prints and offering everyone the opportunity to have one of their own. In an image you can press pause on that moment of time and savour it. Each image on my site will evoke a particular feeling or emotional within you. Rest in that moment and enjoy it for a while longer.

My Buddhist Sensei Daisaku Ikeda is also a photographer and we share the opinion that:
"This moment will never come again. It comes, it goes, all in an instant, a life-moment. Because we know how precious that instant is, we press the shutter. Photography is an art born of a passionate love of humanity." Daisaku Ikeda.

Please do sit back and enjoy the moments that have been captured so carefully to celebrate that passionate love of humanity.
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